Above: Poster version 'One YellyScanner Down'.

Part two of project YellyScanner. In this part one of the many YellyScanners is crashed somewhere in the city. This photo-manipulation is build on stock images and a 3D model of the YellyScanner crashed in to a floor with tiles.To get the most realistic setting for the crashed YellyScanner I leaned heavily on the Simulation Tags Collider Body and Rigid Body in Cinema 4D. 
Above: Detail of the main visual
Above: Highress 3D render of the falling YellyScanner.
Above: Busted up version of the YellyScanner. I used textures in Photoshop and I also painted some cracks on the surface of the YellyScanner. 
Above: Some of the stock images I used to set-up the scene.

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