I'm fascinated by the randomness in nature and organic objects. To play with these ideas in a 3D environment is something I do for some time now. For this series I found my inspiration in fruit and vegetables.
Some steps from my creation process:
1. The idea: create an imaginary peace of fruit that has similarities with a pomegranate, peach, berries and a balloon. To create a natural effect for the little 'berry balls' I ran a simpel test using the simulation tags Collider Body and Rigid Body. 
2. The individual berry test. I modeled and sculpted a berry. The mesh was far to heavy for my simulation so I simplified the berries in my final simulation.
3. Some 3D sketches for the strange fruit. A sphere model cut open and sculpted. To add thickens I use  the 'Cloth Surface'. 
4. After I did the rough modelling I placed the model in a studio-set. I worked on all the final details to finish the composition in the studio-set. That way I had a pretty good idea what light would do for my comp.  
5. The final angle in the studio-set. The model does not have any textures I just used the studio lights to set the right atmosphere.

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